About Us

The purpose of MangaSmart.Com is to introduce modern day learners to a fun and engaging way of learning a new subject.

Introducing A Culture Of Learning Through Entertainment

The higher purpose of promoting Educational Manga is to introduce a culture of learning through entertainment. Educational Manga (graphic novels) not only entertains but also teaches us by using visual stimulation and engaging our senses more than reading plain text. The inspiration for launching this site came from a graphic novel that told a true story about a family with an autistic child. “With the light” by Keiko Tobe used Manga to graphically describes the challenges and joys of life with an autistic child. It was so moving and so easy to consume, much like watching a documentary, in the form of a novel, that we were inspired to promote Educational Manga for all ages.

We continue to be amazed at the power of Manga to entertain us and excite us about learning all types of new topics, even daunting ones like Physics. We truly enjoyed a manga book about a popular high school tennis teen struggling in physics and a less popular love-struck math-smart boy who explains it to her through the physics of tennis. We are hooked on manga! We realize that we can learn anything with minimal effort and all while having fun. We have since read history books, alternative versions of history, and stories about computer databases presented as metaphorical imaginary kingdoms struggling to protect their fruit from hacker thieves. Manga has rekindled our joy of learning and we want to share our new passion with you.

Statement of Purpose

The higher purpose of promoting Educational Manga books (graphic novels meant to teach a specific subject) is to:
1. Make learning fun, like a hobby for all. Using the popularity of Manga and Anime in America to promote a more educated society.
2. Offer children and adults who struggle a way to understand a subject.
3. Support special needs students who struggle with with conventional schooling such as A.D.H.D children, autistic students and troubled students who have fell behind in their studies.
4. Promote a new way to learn. Manga is a form of infotainment. Infotainment is an effective way to keep the readers attention.
5. Provide an enticing way to make subjects like history, chemistry, database, physics, sociology, etc..easier to understand and more ingrained in our everyday lives.

Better than Generic Textbook-based Learning Experience

Educational Manga Books are an excellent solution to modern day education’s focus on developing high-level cognitive skills in learners. Via an engaged learning experience, Educational Manga books allow for improved cognitive skills while inspiring creativity. The visual representation of knowledge makes a lasting impression on the learner, thereby allowing them to remember the essential concepts with ease.  And what’s more is that Educational Manga books come for readers of all ages.